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The War that Won me Over

The sequel to the 2016 Newbery Honor Book  The War I Finally Won written by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, continues the story of Ada whose mother hated her because she was born with a clubfoot and locked her away.  In this book, it was set in Kent, England in the 1939 – 1945.  In The War, I Finally Won there are new characters, intense situations that occur that are different from the first book, The War That Saved My Life. This book gives us as young readers an understanding what actually happened in World War II and what impact it had on regular citizens, whether it was a British child or a daughter of a Jewish teacher whose fate was on the line.

This book begins with the main character Ada in a hospital finally getting surgery that she had always wanted to repair her clubfoot, her brother Jamie and her adopted mum Susan were by her side the whole time. Once they get home from the hospital they came home to s terrible surprise their home had been bomb form the War, but luckily they have a lovely friend  Lady Thorton, who offers her cottage for them to live in for the moment.
When Lady Thorton’s husband Lord Thorton comes home and hears that Susan needs a job he gives her one straight away as he works for the British government. Lord Thorton realises that Susan has a degree in math’s from Oxford so he gives her a Jewish German girl named Ruth to tutor for a while.


I really enjoyed reading this book and I give it a 10/10. Recently I have been interested in reading war stories. You would really like this book if you also like war stories and like to have a bit of a cry as I did. This book was one of my favourite books I have ever read as it isn’t a hard book to get into as once you had finished the first book you just want to keep reading on and see what happened to Ada, her brother Jamie, Susan and their mother.


inky Centre for Youth Literature

I have only read the first book and loved it. Thanks for the review!

20th Jun, 19

Love those two books!.Good review.

21st Jun, 19

Good review!

24th Jun, 19

Awesome review! :)

24th Jun, 19

This was a fab review I loved it so much

24th Jun, 19